The North Caucasus: Histories, Diasporas and Current Challenges

The North Caucasus: Histories, Diasporas and Current ChallengesThe papers and abstracts in this volume were originally presented at a two-day conference, "Towards a New Generation of Scholarship on the Caucasus," held in Sukhum, Abkhazia, on October 30–31, 2007. The conference was coorganized by the SSRC, Circassianacademia (a scholarly listserv), and the Center for Strategic Studies (Sukhum). 

The overall purpose of the conference was to explore the themes and issues that are emerging in recent scholarship, especially by younger scholars, and the ways in which they speak to contemporary challenges faced by the various small republics and states of the region. A range of academic discplines—and regional traditions within these general disciplines—were represented, including sociology, demography, linguistics, anthropology, political science, and history, as well as specialists working with NGOs and with government research agencies.


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  • Map of Major Ethnic Groups in the Caucasus
    • Preface
      Seteney Shami and Ergun Ozgur
  • Opening Remarks
    • Seteney Shami     
    • Oleg Damenia           
    • Zeynel Abidin Besleney     
    • Ergun Ozgur   
  • State, Society and Citizenship   
    • Abkhazo-Adyghean Languages and Some Recommendations to Secure Their Future
      Viacheslav A. Chirikba 
    • NGOs in Abkhazia and Their Contribution to the Democratization of the Country
      Ergun Ozgur 
    • Caucasus Jews and Their Neighbors: Social Networks in a Multi-Ethnic Society
      Chen Bram   
    • Quality of Life in the Republic of Adygeya
      Cemre Erciyes
  • Economic Challenges: A Case Study   
    • Economics of Small States and Globalization: Lessons for the Caucasus
      Erol Taymaz
    • Economic Development of the State of Abkhazia
      Beslan Baratelia 
    • Abkhazia and the European Union
      Maxim Gunjia  
  • Northern Caucasian Diasporas in Turkey   
    • An Overview of Circassian Studies Literature
      Zeynel Abidin Besleney
    • Some Consequences of the Re-Encounter with the "Homeland" on the Production of Local Knowledge: A Case Study of Circassians in Turkey
      Eiji Miyazawa 
    • Diaspora Nationalism as a Gendered Discourse: The Circassian Diaspora in Turkey
      Setenay Nil Dogan
    • The Circassians in Turkey: An Eastern Mediterranean Socio-Demographic Sampling
      Cahit Aslan
    • National and International Protection of Minorities: The Circassians in Turkey
      Sigah Sahin
  • Research Notes   
    • Demographic Conditions in Abkhazia: A Summary
      Astanda Khashba
    • Political and Legal Factors in the Economic Transition of Abkhazia
      Zaur I. Shalashaa 
    • The Prospects for Abkhazia and the Stability of the Black Sea-Caucasian Region
      Leila Tania    
    • Emigration To the Ottoman Empire: An Overview
      Berat Yildiz
    • The Circassian Diaspora in Europe: Preliminary Research
      Cansu Denef Oktay

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