The Vainakhs (The Chechen and Ingush) by George Anchabadze

The Vainakhs: The Chechen and Ingush
by George AnchabadzeTHE VAINAKHS

“Caucasian House”
2001, 2009

The first edition of the book «Vainakhs» in the English language, published in 2001 was sold out in a short period of time. Many readers highly appreciated the work and there were requests to publish the second edition. This book is the repetition of the text of the first edition and it covers the history of Vainakh people – the Chechens and the Ingush – from the ancient times to 2001.

We once again thank Mr. Friedrich Höffer who supported the publishing of the first edition of «Vainakhs».

Editor N. Gelashvili

Translated into English by T. Paichadze

© Text, maps by George Anchabadze

The book is published on with permission from George Anchabadze (Achba).

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