Circassia and Circassians in the Historical Books & Magazines

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Circassia (Circassian: Адыгэ Хэку) is a region in the North Caucasus and along the north-east shore of the Black Sea. It is the ancestral homeland of the Circassian people.

The Cherkess or Circassians, who gave their name to this region, of which they were until lately the sole inhabitants, are a peculiar race, differing from the other tribes of the Caucasus in origin and language. The name Circassia is a Latinisation of Cherkess (modern Turkish: Çerkes), the Turkic name for the Adyghe people, and originated in the 15th century with mediaeval Genoese merchants and travellers to Circassia.

>> A Year Among the Circassians
By J. A. Longworth, Vol. I, London, 1840

>> Turkey, Russia, the Black sea, and Circassia
By Edmund Spencer, London, 1855

>> The Secret Of Russia in the Caspian &  Euxine: or the Circassian War as affecting Poland, Georgia, and Turkey
By David Urquhart, February 1863

>> The mystery of the Danube
The mystery of the Danube. Showing how through secret diplomacy, the river has been closed,
Exportation from Turkey arrested, and the re-opening of the Isthmus of Suez prevented.
By David Urquhart, London 1851 - THE VIXEN, Section 2

>>The Political Life of the Right Honourable Sir Robert Peel, Bart
London, 1856, Chapter VI, p.247 ''Lord Ponsonby Encourages Mr. Bell To Proceed''
(Including information about the Vixen  / British trade to Circassia)

>> Stories from Russia, Siberia, Poland, and Circassia
By Russell Lee / Part III. Circassia and It's People,  September, 1853 

>> Schamyl and Circassia
By Friedrich Wagner, 1854, Edited, With Notes by Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie

>> Notes of a half-pay in search of health: or, Russia, Circassia, and the Crimea in 1839-40
By William Jesse, Chapter XVIII

>> The Dublin Review Vol. IX - The Circassians
The Dublin Review, August & November 1840

>> Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Circassia
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, July 1840

>> Revelations of Russia in 1846
By Charles Frederick Henningsen, Chapter X. Circassia & Georgia

>> The Caucasus
By Ivan Golovin, London 1854

>> The Caucasus and Its People: With a Brief History of Their Wars, and a Sketch of the Achievements of the Renowned Chief Schamyl
By Louis Moser, London 1856

>> Notes of a nine year's residence in Russia, from 1844 to 1853: With Notices of the Tzars Nicholas I. and Alexander II.
By Robert Harrison, London 1855, Chapter X. (The Circassian War, The regiment of Kabarda)