KHASE Leader Yaghan(ov) assaulted in Nalchik!

20 July 2011, The Caucasus-based news agency NATPRESS has reported today that  the chairman of the Nalchik-based Circassian NGO  “Khase”, Ibragim Yaghan(ov) was physically assaulted on the Moscow Street in Nalchik, the capitol of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, yesterday evening  by more than five men wearing baseball caps and brandishing iron pipes and metal bars.  NATPRESS has confirmed that Yaghan(ov) is now in the town’s hospital recovering from the head injuries and brain trauma he sustained during the attack. His state is said to be serious but not critical.

This is not the first physical attack on Yaghan(ov), who is a veteran of the Abkhaz War of 1992-93 and an outspoken critic of the republican authorities of his native republic, whom he has repeatedly accused of corruption and working against the interest of the population. He was physically attacked on December 9th 2009 and again on April 30th this year in a similar fashion by a group of young assailants.

Yaghan(ov) has been a well known figure in the political life of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria and the global Circassian diaspora alike for the past two decades and the continuing attacks on him has caused great concern amongst the Circassian political activists worldwide.