Circassian Olympiad organizing committee prepared book and web-site

Caucasian Knot -- The organizing committee on preparation and carrying out of Circassian Olympiad prepared for publication the book "Circassian Olympiad: Presentations in Russia". In Internet the web-site "Circassiada-2012" ( appeared. The Chairman of the Union of Abkhazian volunteers of Kabardino-Balkaria Alexey Bekshokov, one of the authors of the project told about it.

The organizing committee held six presentations in the cities of St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi, Cherkessk, Maykop and Lazarevsky settlement. Materials about the presentations were collected in the book prepared for publication. At the presentations there were members "Adyghe Khasa" of the mentioned cities. According to Bekshokov, the Diaspora took a keen interest in the project of Olympiad at every presentation.

"In Sochi they offered to organize the competition on one of the kinds of sports in Sochi", - Alexey Bekshokov told. The next step would be carrying out of six presentations abroad.

About the position of foreign Circassians in relation to the action, its organizers find out during the presentations. They will take place in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, the USA, Abkhazia and Israel, and, probably, in London. Time of carrying out of the presentations abroad Bekshokov did not specify.

"In Israel we are going to adopt experience of carrying out of such Olympiads. The Jewish Olympic Games take place since 1932, and they were named "Makkabiad". Armenians have some experience of carrying out of such games, too. They named their games “Pan-Armenian sports", - Alexey Bekshokov told.

The question how could he consider the statement of some Jordanian Circassians who had named the idea of Circassian Olympiad "a Kremlin project", Alexey Bekshokov told that the Jordanian Circassians are descendants of Muhajirs, overwhelmed the difficulties of exile, and they have the right to state their own opinion, and he as a Circassian, respects that opinion.

As to the position of the official authority on carrying out of the sports action as the local - in KBR, KCR and Adygeya, and the federal - the organizers of Circassian Olympiad, as they said, had not been yet engaged in finding-out of that question. They work according to the project and spend actions as is stipulated by the project.

The head of the organizing committee of the International Olympic Games "Sochi-2014" Dmitry Chernyshenko, in a reply to the reference of the organizers of Circassian Olympiad informed that the project could be included in the component "Sochi-2014" if its authors "are assured that the World Circassian games will be for the interethnic consent".

The Organizing committee "Sochi-2014", according to Bekshokov, considers - as one of the variants -carrying out of the Caucasian Olympic Games.

The question on the organizational and financial aspects of Circassian Olympiad, Bekshokov answered that the project stipulates 12 sources of financing.

Bekshokov confidently declared that there could be no "anti-Sochi" implied sense in carrying out of Circassian Olympic Games. "For us the main thing is to gather people. We are not against anybody, we are for uniting people. The Circassian project is not directed against the interests of Russia. For us it is one of the ways of resolution our people’s problems".

Let's remind, according to the Circassian Olympiad project, such kinds of sports are included in the program of the games, as: football, free-style wrestling, the Greek-Roman wrestling, national Circassian struggle on belts, judo, boxing, oriental martial arts, volleyball, basketball, horse run, heavy and track and field athletics.

As the organizers consider, Circassian Olympiad as though adopts the fire of the London Olympiad and passes on the baton to Sochi. Thus they remind that the winter Olympiad of 2014 is planned to organize on the Circassian land.

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Source (translate): Natpress