KAFDAV: Situation of The North Caucasian Peoples in The World

We, as KAFDAV, will be holding an international conference entitled "Situation of The North Caucasian Peoples in The World: Social, Economic, Cultural, Political Aspects" regarding the known North Caucasian Peoples under the Circassian cultural identity, in Circassian Diaspora in Ankara on October 14-15, 2017.

The researchers studying on the matter are welcome to present their papers in this conference, which we intend to organize quinquennially in the future, and hence to periodically determine the situation and development of the Circassians in the world in political, social, economic, and cultural terms.

The papers to be presented in this conference, to which expert researchers from around the world and the representatives of North Caucasian Peoples have also been invited, are required to include the scientific data, analyses, and foresights regarding all of the issues listed below in North Caucasus Republics as well as the regions where North Caucasian Peoples (Circassians) are densely populated, e.g. Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Europe, and America. The papers must include:

1.The history,

2.The demographic characteristics in the past and today as well as their transformations,

3.The social and economic situations,

4.The marks, presence, and problems in the fields of culture, art, and science (including their positions in language, literature, sports, fine arts, music, performing arts, science, etc. as well as the level of preserving and maintaining their mother tongue and traditional cultures),

5.The presence and capability of organization in politics and public areas and the relationships between other ethnic groups, and

6.The predictions about the futureof the Circassians in the related region.

The papers should be presented such that they will include the aforementioned issues along with the historical and actual comparative data within the context of geographical, demographic, socio-economic, cultural and political conditions of the country in which the Circassians live; it is believed that realistic analyses will only be possible with such integrity. The content of the papers should also include visual materials.

Turkish, Russian, and English are the conference languages. The abstracts of the papers will be available in three languages for the participants during the Conference; moreover, translation and interpretation services, where possible, will be given during presentations. The papers presented in the conference will be printed as books later.

The researchers wishing to present their paper in the conference should send the abstracts (maximum 300 words) of the papers to the Conference Secretariat until June 30, 2017; furthermore, the abstracts written in Turkish or Russian languages should also be submitted with their English translations being attached thereto. The applications regarding the presentation of papers will be evaluated by the Conference Science Board and the applicants will be contacted if their abstracts are accepted, until July 15, 2017.

The full text of the papers, on the other hand, should be written in compliance with academic writing and spelling rules, counting between 8,000 and 10,000 words together with footnotes and bibliography, and be submitted to the Conference Secretariat before September 25, 2017.

Please refer to the related instructions for other details in relation to the abstracts and full texts of the papers.

We look forward to your participation in the "International Conference Situation of The North Caucasian Peoples in The World: Social, Economic, Cultural, Political Aspects " to be held on October 14-15, 2017 in Ankara. Sincerely yours,

International Conference Situation of The North Caucasian Peoples in The World: Social, Economic, Cultural, Political Aspects Organization Board

Conference Secretariat
Erdoğan Boz
Telephone: +90 312 419 73 30
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*The participants attending the Conference with their papers outside Turkey will be financially supported for transportation and accommodation costs, to the extent possible.However, in the studies conducted by more than one author, only one of the researchers will be provided with such support.

Source: KAFDAV | Caucasus Research and Solidarity Foundation