Circassian Israelis: Multilingualism As a Way of Life, Isabelle Kreindler, Marsha Bensoussan, Eleanor Avinor & Chen Bram

Isabelle Kreindler, Marsha Bensoussan, Eleanor Avinor
Haifa University
Chen Bram, Truman Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem  

The Circassian community in Israel, though one of the smallest in the diaspora (about 3,000), is also one of the most successful in preserving 
its  national  identity  and language, while at the same time integrating into Israeli life.
We have recently launched a multi-disciplinary study of this unique community in Israel, which we hope will become part of a broader study of Circassian communities both in the diaspora (Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Germany and other countries) and in the Caucasian homeland  (one of the communities is described by Bridges, this issue). Our team consists of an anthropologist, applied linguist, sociolinguist, and a historian.
This  work, the first in a planned series, presents general background on the Israeli Circassians and then focuses on our recently completed study of  Circassian pupils in Kfar Kama, the larger of the two Circassian villages in Israel.

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