George Hewitt's Ubykh Recordings from Turkey (1974)

Tevfik Esenç and George Hewitt (Istanbul, 1974)

The British caucasologist George Hewitt [Emeritus Professor of Caucasian Languages at the School of Oriental and African Studies] in 1974 visited Hacı Osman Köyü and made recordings with Tevfik Esenç in Istanbul; his account of his meetings in 1974 has been published — ‘Encounterng Ubykh(s)’, in Arxeologija i ètnografija pontijsko-kavkazskogo regiona 5, 195-204, 2016: Krasnodar; see also his ‘The labialised sibilants of Ubykh (North West Caucasian)’, in Revue des Etudes Géorgiennes et Caucasiennes, 2, 1986, 21-30).

The recordings posted here represent a selection of those materials.

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