Ergative Case In The Circassian Languages, by Mukhadin Kumakhov, Karina Vamling and Zara Kumakhova

Mukhadin Kumakhov, Karina Vamling and Zara Kumakhova 

Lund University, Dept. of Linguistics Working Papers 45 (1996), 93–111

The Circassian languages (Northwest Caucasian) exhibit ergative patterns both in  case  marking  and in the  alignment of  agreement markers in  the verb. Ergative/absolutive case  marking is restricted to  certain  types of  nominals, which  thus  results in  split-ergativity.  The  paper  examines  the marking of ergative/absolutive case  in various  types of  nominals  and  relates the distribution to the Nominal Hierarchy.

The  Circassian  languages  Adyghe  (West Circassian)  and  Kabardian  (East Circassian)  belong to  the  West  Caucasian languages.  They are spoken by 568.000 in the  Caucasus  and  also by  great numbers in Turkey and other neighbouring countries.

The problem of  ergativity in  the Circassian  languages is  treated in works such as Jakovlev & Ashkhamaf 1941, Rogava & Kerasheva 1966, Taov 1967,
Zekokh 1967, Kumakhov 1971, 1989, Gishev  1985, Kumakhov &  Vamling to appear.

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