Rituals of Birth among the Adyghes, by Mariet Djandar

Caucasian Center for Iranian Studies, Yerevan

Iran and the Caucasus 12 (2008) 253-274

Mariet Djandar
Adyghean Institute for Humanities, Maykop

Rituals of childbirth make up an important part of life in traditional Adyghe society. The author provides a detailed description of these rituals, paying special attention not only to the birth itself, but also to the rituals and ceremonies practiced during the entire period of pregnancy, the behaviour of the mother-to-be, and her social status before and after the birth in the house of her husband. In a number of cases original ritual songs with translation are also included. The research is predominantly based on field-records of the author and archive materials.  

Of all the rituals associated with childhood in this survey, only some of them are practiced now, though sporadically. Others have been consigned to oblivion. 

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